Credit: Kristen Miller


We have a variety of lessons developed by our associates and through our summer teacher workshops. They are organized by topic as well as by program.

These lesson plans have been written to New York State learning standards, and incorporate material from The Hudson River Valley Review as well as articles and documents from our website.

We are preparing sample itineraries organized by topic and location. You can search our guidebook by theme, geographic location, or name for nearby historic sites. Each site provides a historic description, present offerings, and contact information. Hudson River Valley Institute Interns and other Marist College undergraduates have researched and written about a variety of regional topics; we've posted their reports as well as Powerpoint presentations here. An ongoing endeavor of the Institute, the Library contains rare and original articles, essays, and books on Hudson River Valley topics. Another ongoing project, we research and provide annotated links to additional internet resources on most of the topics we cover. We also provide links to online books by or about Hudson River Valley authors in this section.