Credit: Marist College Archives and Special Collections

American Revolution

The American Revolution in New York
Its Political, Social, and Economic Significance

For General Use as Part of the Program of the
Executive Committee on the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the American Revolution

Prepared by the
Division of Archives and History
The University of the State of New York


Chapter 1 Causes of the Revolution 9
Chapter 2 Rise of the Revolutionary Committee System 27
Chapter 3 The Provincial Congress 47
Chapter 4 New York's Declaration of Independence 59
Chapter 5 Government Under the First State Constitution 77
Chapter 6 The Struggle to Finance the Revolution 105
Chapter 7 New York on the Battlefield 129
Chapter 8 How New York Supplied the Armies 179
Chapter 9 The Loyalists of New York 203
Chapter 10 Results of the Revolution in New York 227
Chronology of New York in the Revolution 251
Shrines of the Revolutionary War 271
Works relating to the American Revolution in the State of New York 287
Documents Illustrating the Revolution 305
Suggestions for Programs of the 150th Anniversary of the Revolution 357
Index 363