Credit: Marist College Archives and Special Collections

Hudson River Valley Hall of Fame


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Bolton Brown by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

William Cullen Bryant, by Ben Smith (PDF)

Alf Evers by Ben Smith (PDF)

Washington Irving by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Herman Melville (PDF) 

E.B. White by John Brennan (PDF)

Military Figures

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Sagoyawetha (Red Jacket), by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Joseph Brant, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

De Witt Clinton, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

George Clinton, by Jackson Rockefeller (PDF)

James Clinton, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Joseph Cook, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Darius Nash Couch, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Peter Gansevoort, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Leslie Richard Groves, Jr., by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Sybil Ludington, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Alfred Thayer Mahan, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Daniel Ninham, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Military Figures Paper, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Lewis (Deerfoot) Bennett (PDF) 

Goose Schaick, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Philip John Schuyler, by Katie Garrison (PDF)


Nathaniel Woodhull, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

John Lorimer Worden, by Katie Garrison (PDF)


Historic Musicians

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Clayton Bates, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Peter Boganovich, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Aaron Copland, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Robert Lawson Craft, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

John J. Hall, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)


Mark Lavon Helm, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Jimmy Hendrix, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Rupert Holmes, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

  Eric Garth Hudson, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)


Mary Margaret McBride, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Peter "Pete" Seeger, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Joanne Shenadoah, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Aidan Quinn, by Blaze Interligi (PDF)

Environmental Figures

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John Burroughs by Ben Smith (PDF)

Carl Lansom Carmer by Steve Grim (PDF)

Thomas Cole by Steve Grim (PDF

Verplanck Colvin by Steve Grim (PDF)

Andrew Jackson Davis by Elijah Bender (PDF)

Andrew Jackson Downing by Elijah Bender (PDF)

Manna Jo Greene by Steve Grim (PDF)

Emile Benton MacKaye by Steve Grim (PDF)

Robert Marshall by Steve Grim (PDF)

John Muir by Steve Grim (PDF)

Gifford Pinchot by Steve Grim (PDF)

Frances "Franny" Reese by Steve Grim (PDF)

Franklin D. Roosevelt by Steve Grim (PDF)

Teddy Roosevelt by Steve Grim (PDF)

Pete Seeger by Steve Grim (PDF)

Paul Shaefer by Steve Grim (PDF)

David Sive by Steve Grim (PDF)

Famous Broadcasters

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Heywood Hale Broun by Gina Figler (PDF)

Forest William Free by Gina Figler (PDF)

Lewis Hine by Gina Figler (PDF)

Roger Kahn by Gina Figler (PDF)

Tibor Kalman by Gina Figler (PDF)

Herbert Keppler by Gina Figler (PDF)

Edward R. Murrow by Gina Figler (PDF)

Dave Price by Matt O'Brien (PDF)

Carole Radziwill by Gina Figler (PDF)

Andy Rooney by Meghan Burke (PDF)

Ron Suskind by Gina Figler (PDF)

Nathanial Parker Willis by Gina Figler (PDF)

William B. Ziff Jr. by Gina Figler (PDF)

Sports Figures

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Joe Ausanio by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Rob Bell by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

James Blake by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Elton Brand by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Dario Brose by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Dee Brown by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Ryan Grant by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Michael Joseph "King" Kelly by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Mike Larkin by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Dennis Mahan Michie by John Brennan (PDF)

Art Monk by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Floyd Patterson by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Tracy Harris Patterson by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Ray Rice by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Rik Smits by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Mike Tyson by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Walt Weiss by Joe Ritchie (PDF)

Guy Herbert by Sean Vitti (PDF)

Andre Roy by Sean Vitti (PDF)

John Lannan by Sean Vitti (PDF)


Thomas Adams Jr. by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Mary Alexander by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Benjamin Altman  by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

John Jacob Astor by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

John Jacob Astor IV by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

John Augustine by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

John Augustine by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

Edwin Binney (PDF)

John Butterfield by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

John Butterfield by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

Alexander Cartwright by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Erastus Corning the Second by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Daniel Drew by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Daniel Drew by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

Ralph Gallagher by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Jay Gould by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Justin Kalifowitz by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

David Karp by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Robert R. Livingston (PDF)

Andrew Ross by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Russell Sage by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Cornelius Vanderbilt by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Will Vanderbilt by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Matthew Vassar by Thomas Williams (PDF)

Linus Yale Jr. by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)


Mary Bonauto by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Lena Dunham by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Kate Gleason by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Helen Hayes by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Henrietta Wells Livermore by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Lee Miller by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Rachel Sterne by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Anne Sweeney by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Kateri Tekakwitha (Lily of the Mohawks), by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)


Lee Miller by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Agnes Hart by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Albert Bierstadt by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Arnold Blanch by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Asher B. Durand by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Austin Mecklem by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Bolton Brown by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Bradley Walker Tomlin by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Charles Rosen by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Eugine Gershoy by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Frederick E. Church by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

George Inness by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Georgina Klitgaard by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Gerald Foster by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Hannah Small by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Harry Gottilieb by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Henry Billings by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

John B. Flannagan by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Konrad Cramer by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Lucile Blanch by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Olin Dows by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Phillip Guston by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Raoul Hague by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Samuel B. Morse by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Thomas Cole by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Thomas Doughty by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)


Hiawatha, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)


Joseph (Cornplanter) Abeel, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)


Chester A Arthur by Joe Palaia (PDF)


Hillary Clinton by Joe Palaia (PDF)


Hamilton Fish III by Joe Palaia (PDF)


John Jay by  Elijah Bender (PDF)


Alexander Hamilton by Jackson Rockefeller (PDF)


Irving McNeil Ives by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)


John Lansing Jr. by Jackson Rockefeller (PDF)


Madame Catherine Montour, by Elizabeth Wasserman


William J. Larkin Jr. by Joe Palaia (PDF)


Ely S. Parker, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)


James Roosevelt by Joe Palaia (PDF)


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. by Joe Palaia (PDF)


Steve Saland by Joe Palaia (PDF)


William H. Seward by Joe Palaia (PDF)


Martin Van Buren by Joe Palaia (PDF)