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Annotated Links About the Civil War

Civil War Washington is a digital resource chronicling the effect of the civil war on the U.S. National Capital from a variety of different disciplines.

Photographs of African Americans during the Civil War, a part of the Civil War Photograph Collection through the Library of Congress.

"Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War". By Hermann Melville. 1866. A free online e-book offered through Project Gutenburg.

The Library of Congress has a compendium of 1,118 photographs of soldiers, battlefields, and the aftermath of battles, as well as large archives of maps and visual communications.

The Civil War: The American Battlefield Protection Program , maintained by the National Parks Service, lists parks, historical sites, and battlefields.

University of Tennessee’s Civil War Homepage centralizes resources sorted by states and a diverse range of topics including Civil War-era music, newspaper accounts, and reenactments.

This index of internet resources on the Civil War is sorted by topic, from “ Abolition and Slavery ” to “ Women .”

This Library of Congress archive features Civil War-related manuscripts, drawings, prints, and photographs from the New York Historical Society.

"Your affectionate son": Civil War Letters of Daniel Francis Kemp and family presents correspondence from a US Navy Landsman during the Civil War and his reflections after the war ended. This annotated index matches letters with key events during the war.

Digital audio clips of civil war songs from the Library of Congress dating back to 1939.

More Civil War songs from the Library of Congress, however they are not digitized and playable. Rather these are booklets of the notes.

The Lost Museum’s Civil War in New York City archive details New York City’s involvement in the Civil War.

The New York State Archives database has information on the 360,000 soldiers who served in the New York State Volunteer, Sharpshooter, and United States Colored troops regiments.

The NYS Division of Military and Naval Affairs hosts information specific to each units and a comprehensive list of external resources.

The Smithsonian Associates and Civil War Studies offer articles, trivia, and online tours.

A website detailing the involvement of the New York Fire Department in the Civil War: http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/civil-war/new-york-fire-department-civil-war.htm

University of Texas at Austin’s Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective offers full text articles published in The New York Herald, the Charleston Mercury, and the Richmond Enquirer between November 1, 1860 and April 15,1865.

In honor the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, the National Parks Service has made available electronic editions of  eParks' National Park Civil War Series of books.

The National Parks Service website hosts this report on the Archeology of the Civil War: Naval Operations on the Ogeechee River, Georgia and the Landscape Inventory of Civil War Sites in the “North Woods”, James Madison’s Montpelier and Cultural Resource Management Plan for their Preservation.

Louisiana State University hosts a database of Civil War Collections.

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies is available online through the Cornell University Library. 

124th Infantry, Orange Blossoms is web page in honor of Thomas Bradley, who received a Medal of Honor for his actions at Chancellorsville as a member of the Orange County 124th Infantry unit. The site contains detailed information on all the regiments and campaigns: battles and losses, Medals of Honor, and credit to both online and offline resources for more information.

 A website dedicated New York’s 150th Regiment from Dutchess County. Complete with a history, a picture gallery, statistics, and personal letters.

“… A collection of websites for all aspects of the Civil War…personal stories as related in diaries and letters, speeches, ma[n]uscripts and more. There are several truly great sites in this ring that show what it was like to be a soldier (both sides), what it was like to be a slave before, during and after the Civil War. Spend some time here and gain some keen insights about the Civil War.

The 124th New York State Volunteers is a Civil War era reenactment unit based in southern New York.  We are a not-for-profit corporation recognized by the State of New York as an Historic Military Command, the only New York Living History Organization so designated. The unit was started in 1982 in Orange County, NY, where the old regiment was raised.

"To honor New York State’s participants in the Civil War and commemorate the sesquicentennial."

 An interesting article on the role of the Hudson River Valley in the Civil War. The article argues that despite the lack of action and bloodshed on New York soil, its role as the economic powerhouse gave it a lead, influential role in the war.

A site dedicated to veterans and preservation of Civil War memories. Has a large collection of photos of the Civil War and restoration of Civil War items; gravestones for example. Also contains links to many partner sites.

A small collection of Civil War Monuments in the Hudson Valley with brief descriptions of their purpose and location.

The American Civil War Homepage is a resource hosted by the University of Tennessee-Knoxville that features photographs, biographies, bibliographies, regimental histories, and other resources.

The Center for Civil War Photography is a non-profit organization devoted to one of the most exciting and compelling areas of Civil War scholarship and discovery. New photographic finds from our nation's greatest conflict are still being made on a regular basis. Nearly every Civil War soldier had his photograph taken by one of the more than 5,000 American photographers active at the time, and a select group of documentary photographers took thousands of images on the battlefields and in the army camps, often in 3D.  Within this site you will find basic and complex information about Civil War photography and its practioners, as well as reproductions of many war photos."

The first phase of the Virtual Archives focuses on the Civil War era in Westchester from the early 1860's through the post-war period. Through images and text, we present a snapshot that includes politics, the history of the county's soldiers both black and white, the lives of African Americans, the lives of women, the relationship of Abraham Lincoln to the county, and the veteran experience following the war.

Excerpt from page 69 of "History of Greene County" by J. B. Beers & Co, first published in 1884, transcribed by Annette Campbell ."

A list of soldiers from Rensselaer County.  " Information on this page has been submitted by   Joan Howe   and was extracted from the book   Troy and Rensselaer County, New York   by Rutherford Hayner, 1925.