Credit: Vivian Yess Wadlin

Books for Review

The titles below are available for review. If you are interested in reviewing a book for publication in the Hudson River Valley Review, please contact us with your selected title and a brief introduction. Be sure to include your academic background and affiliation.


In the Shadow of Kinzua: The Senenca Nation of Indians since World War II

Laurence Marc Hauptman (Syracuse University Press, 2014). 415 pp.


Delicious December: How the Dutch Brought Us Santa, Presents, and Treats

Peter G. Rose (State University of New York Press, Albany, 2014). 150 pp.


The Angola Horror

Charity Vogel (Cornell University Press, 2013). 296 pp.


The History of the Hudson River Valley from Wilderness to the Civil War

Vernon Benjamin (The Overlook Press, 2014). 554 pp.


Hudson River Steamboat Catastrophes: Contests and Collisions

J. Thomas Allison (The History Press, 2013). 140 pp.


Hidden History of Columbia County

Allison Guertin Marchese (The History Press, 2014). 143 pp.


Erie Railroad's Newburgh Branch

Robert McCue (Arcadia Publishing, 2014). 128 pp. 


Rhinebeck's Historic Beekman Arms

Brian Plumb & Matthew Plumb (The History Press, 2014), 208 pp. 


The Big Apples of New York: The Story of How New York State Became "The Big Apple"

A.L. DuBois, 148 pp.


Stuyvesant Bound: An Essay on Loss Across Time

Donna Merwick (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013). 248 pp.


The Astor Orphan: A Memoir

Alexandra Aldrich (HarperCollins Publishers, 2013). 259 pp.


Allegany to Appomattox: The Life and Letters of Private William Whitlock of the 188th New York Volunteers

Valgene Dunham (Syracuse University Press, 2013). 254 pp.


Legendary Locals of Woodstock

Richard Heppner and Janine Fallon-Mower (Arcadia Publishing, 2013). 125 pp. 



Patricia O'Reilly Murphy with Friends of Historic Kingston (Arcadia Publishing, 2013). 127 pp.


A Beautiful and Fruitful Place: Selected Rensselaerwijck Papers, Volume 2

Edited by Elisabeth Paling Funk and Martha Dickinson Shattuck (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2011). 272 pp.


The Mightier Hudson: The Spirited Revival of a Treasured Landscape

Roger D. Stone (Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 2012). 242 pp.


Childhood Pleasures: Dutch Children in the Seventeenth Century

Donna R. Barnes and Peter G. Rose (Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2012). 173 pp.


Memoirs of Eilardus Westerlo: Pastor of the Dutch Reformed Protestant Church in Albany, NY (1760-90)

Transcribed, translated, and annotated by Robert A. Naborn (Nodus Publikationen Munster, 2011). 174pp.


Images of America: Fishkill Revisited (An Images of America title)

Tracy Nicole Dunstan (Mount Pleasant, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2012). 128pp.