Credit: Paul Irish

Lesson Plans from the Freedom and Dignity Institutes

American Revolution

The Roosevelt Presidency spanned twelve years and encompassed some of the greatest challenges that this country has ever had to face. Through Depression and War, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were ever-present, reassuring and renewing the faith of the American people. They reminded Americans that their country had faced crises before, but had overcome them with a combination of courage, skill, and determination. In retrospect, the Roosevelt Era provides many avenues for study: from the inner workings of the federal government during the New Deal to the birth of the modern Civil Rights Movement; from wartime leadership on the global stage to Eleanor Roosevelt's last days as an advocate for the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. Each facet provides many lessons for contemporary students as they view the events that shaped the present-day world. Aside from the lesson plans developed through the Institute, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum also provides many learning resources for students and teachers.