Credit: Paul Irish

Revolutionary Trails

Trails of the American Revolution

The Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route - "W3R" - starts Providence, Rhode Island and passes through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland on its way to Yorktown, Virginia. French Comte Rochambeau marched his forces along this route in 1781-82. The Sons of the American Revolution and other organizations in the United States as well as France have sought to commemorate the Expedition and most of the states involved, as well as the National Park Service have begun to commission studies and develop interpretive materials around the trail.

Please see our page on the W3R for further information, related organizations, original maps, and the full text of Dr. Robert Selig's studies of the Route in Connecticut and New York States.


The Henry Knox Cannon Trail stretches from Forts Ticonderoga and Crown Point, on Lake Champlain, to Dorchester Heights, above Boston, Massachusetts. Late in 1775, General Washington dispatched Henry Knox, a young Boston bookseller, to organize the transport of fifty-nine captured artillery pieces from the forts on Lake Champlain to the heights overlooking the occupied city of Boston.

Philip Lord researched and developed a site hosted by the New York State Museum that provides further background as well as a virtual tour of the route with historic and geographic details.


The Massachusetts Historical Society just added a new section to their website titled: Coming of the Revolution, which features a manuscript by Henry Knox. View manuscript here.


The White Plains Historical Society has created a Revolutionary Heritage Trail through town and the Silver Lake Preserve. In addition to signage along the trail, there is information online as well.