Credit: Paul Irish

Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial

Robert Fulton Links

Friends of Clermont State Historic Site offers a comprehensive guide to the features and programming of the Clermont State Historic Site.

Robert Fulton.org offers a detailed biography of Fulton.

About.com and related articles on Robert Fulton is a compendium of links related to the life and historical context of Robert Fulton.

Robert Fulton, the Hudson River, and the Steamboat Clermont- Hudson River Maritime Museum is an informative resource compiled by the Hudson River Valley Maritime Museum.

Robert Fulton: His Life, Its Treasures- University of Rochester Read this 1891 text on Fulton’s impact and influence on steampower and commerce.

"Robert Fulton: Engineer and Artist" by H.W. Dickinson (full biography online) Follow the link to read this work in the Google Books interface.

Inventor of the Week Archive: Robert Fulton- MIT offers a look at Fulton’s innovation from a technical and industrial perspective.

Look up Gibbons v. Ogden- Landmark Supreme Court Cases for a look at the intersection between states’ right, the Commerce Clause, and steampower.

Use Robert Fulton: Wikipedia as a starting point for your exploration of Fulton’s life and impact.

Read The Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation by Robert Fulton from digitized photographs of the book.