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20th Century Art Communities panel


Living Together: 20th Century Experimental Art Communities in the Hudson River Valley

Feb 22, 2024

collage of images including a cabin, many people at a picnic table, a buddha, and a map with the name

Wednesday, March 27, at 5PM. 

The event will take place live on Zoom and in Room 2023 of the Hancock Center at Marist College.

Pre-registration is required for in-person AND virtual attendees!

We are excited to announce a special program of the Cunneen-Hackett Lecture Series in Hudson River Valley History, which will be held as both an in-person AND virtual event.  For details on the topics and presenters that will be part of this panel discussion, and to register, visit the following link, click the "Register Now" button, and complete the information form on the next screen.


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The topics and presenters for the panel will be:

  • The Woodstock Art Colony, Karen Quinn

  • Elverhoj: The Arts and Crafts Colony at Milton-on-Hudson, William Rhoads

  • The Women of Elverhoj: The Scott Sisters and Beyond, Leslie Melvin

  • USCO: We Are All One, A Meditation on Technology, Mysticism, and the Creation of a Psychedelic Aesthetic, Paige Rozanski

  • "The Communication of Experience is Art:" The Millbrook Commune and the Psychedelic Style, Devin Lander


Throughout the 20th Century, the Hudson River Valley was home to numerous artists' colonies, collectives, and communes. While there was a wide variety of arts, personalities, and objectives for each of these communities, the one thing they all had in common was "living together." This panel will explore each of the communities listed, then engage in a discussion across their individual topics and times to explore other similarities and differences.

The Charlotte Cunneen-Hackett Lecture Series was established in 2001 to advance appreciation of the rich heritage of the Hudson River Valley and to promote the history of the region.

The Hudson River Valley Institute is a Center of Excellence at Marist College that studies and promotes the history of the Hudson River Valley. The Institute provides information about the region’s culture, economy, environment, and educational resources through, public programming, and The Hudson River Valley Review. This biannual peer-reviewed journal covers all aspects of regional history.

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