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Spring 2019, Issue 35.2

Volume 35 Number 2

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Author Title Topic Volume Year
Author Title Topic Volume Year
Romney, Susanah Shaw Who Built Dutch New York? Personal Ties and Imperial Connections in the Seventeenth-Century Greater Hudson Valley Colonial history 2 2019
Broderick, Warren F. Strange Partners in Land Equity: Mohicans and Tenant Farmers "Invade" Upstate New York in 1859 Native American 2 2019
Swersey, Jane Mathews General Rosalie Jones and the "Votes for Women" March to Albany: Creating a New Political Activism social history 2 2019
Howe, Edward T. Shipping Through the Capital Region: The Rise and Fall of the Albany Lumber District corridor of commerce 2 2019
Hesler, Samantha The Lost Legacy of Laura Johnson Wylie: An Exploration of Wylie's Achievements in Local Women's History social history 2 2019