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Meet HRVI Alum Amy Mathason Hagan


Meet HRVI Alum Amy Mathason Hagan

Mar 28, 2022

photo of Amy seated in front of a bookshelf full of antique books at West Point.

Amy shares how her experience at HRVI was a part of her career path since Marist:

"Dr. Johnson, who I still refer to as 'Colonel', served as one of my references to graduate school and as a professional reference several times. I doubt he realized how much of my career was shaped by my time at HRVI or his influence. After I graduated, I planned to go into something related to history and considered graduate school. Life took me into another direction, and I ended up earning an MBA and pursuing a career in business with a brief stopover working for the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. As an intern, I had been part of HRVI’s West Point Bicentennial celebrations at the United States Military Academy in 2002. I immediately fell in love with the history and traditions of West Point. When I saw a job opening come up with their alumni association in 2013, I applied for it. I am now the Director of Alumni Services and I use my background in history and business daily. I never would have looked there if I hadn’t had such a great experience as an intern for HRVI."

Read her full update here. This update, and all of the updates to be featured this year, will be linked to each alumni's name on the Interns page of the website.