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Meet HRVI Alum Jessica B. Phillips


Meet HRVI Alum Jessica B. Phillips

Jun 27, 2022

Photo of Jessica in a black dress standing on the porch of a historic building

We continue our 20th anniversary intern alum spotlights with Jessica B. Phillips, Marist ‘05.

Jessica majored in History with minors in Political Science and Philosophy and is currently the CEO of Historic Richmond Town in Staten Island, New York.

She shares a meaningful memory from her time at HRVI:

"I was scanning a book on the beaver trade in New York. I was lost in the monotony of the work. I was thinking about what I was going to do after college. I no longer wanted to be a lawyer. I knew I didn't want to be a classroom teacher either. I started talking to the HRVI staff about this question. They said, what about working in museums? That changed my whole life. They helped me secure a summer internship at Constitution Island. It was there I fell in love with public history."

Read her full update here. This update, and all of the updates to be featured this year, will be linked to each alum's name on the Interns page of the website.