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Meet HRVI Alum Margot Mathieu


Meet HRVI Alum Margot Mathieu

Sep 13, 2022

close up photo of Margot smiling into the camera. She wears tortoise shell glasses and a fuschia scarf.

We continue our 20th anniversary intern alum spotlights with Margot Mathieu, Marist ‘14.

Margot majored in History and is a historic project consultant.

Margot shares advice for future HRVI interns:

"The field of public history is so vast and interesting. This is the perfect opportunity to be creative and think about what the Hudson Valley means to American History as a whole and how to get more people invested in historical study."

Read Margot's full update here. This update, and all of the updates to be featured this year, will be linked to each alum's name on the Interns page of the website.