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Meet HRVI Alum Neil Bhatiya


Meet HRVI Alum Neil Bhatiya

Aug 29, 2022

photo of Neil in a dark suit and red tie, standing at a posium on stage.

We continue our 20th anniversary intern alum spotlights with Neil Bhatiya, Marist ‘06.

Neil majored in History and is a Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

He shares his memories from his time as an intern:

"Among the memories that stand out the most are the public events I did while at HRVI. Re-enactments and panel discussions are an important part about educating the public. Putting them on was a lot of hard work, but everyone pitched in and it was a valuable experience. Bottom line, they were just tons of fun."

Read his full update here. This update, and all of the updates to be featured this year, will be linked to each alum's name on the Interns page of the website.