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News - Meet HRVI Alum Lindsay Moreau


News - Meet Lindsay Moreau

Jan 10, 2022

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As we continue with our 20th anniversary spotlights, today we feature Lindsay Moreau, Marist ‘09. Lindsay majored in Business Administration with a minor in Advertising and currently works as a corporate engagement officer at a not-for-profit organization.

Lindsay describes her most memorable HRVI experience: “At the close of my internship, I was fortunate enough to be asked to stay on and support HRVI in preparing for New York State's Quadricentennial celebration (2009). I was able to support in the publication of America's First River, and promote the special Quadricentennial edition of the Hudson River Valley Review. I also helped the team prepare for several academic and celebratory events throughout the Hudson Valley. One of my favorites was the kick off celebration at the Marist Boathouse, which had just been renovated that year. It was a first lesson in event planning and marketing, which was helpful when I shifted into a fundraising role a few years later.”

Read her full update here. This update, and all of the updates to be featured this year, will be linked to each alumni's name on the Interns page of the website.