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Volume 37, Number 1

Volume 37 Number 1

image of the cover, showing a detail of Thomas Cole's painting of Catskill Creek with a boulder and two people in the foreground, the Catskill Mountain escarpment in the background

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Author Title Topic Volume Year
Author Title Topic Volume Year
Peck, H. Daniel “In the Catskills”: The Meanings of Region in Thomas Cole’s Catskill Creek Landscapes Vol. 37, No.1 2020
Erchak, Wyatt Creating a “Wide-Awake and Progressive City”: Greater Albany’s Electric Streetcars and the Idea of Progress, 1886–1906 Vol. 37, No.1
Strauber, Alan Robert Moses in the Hudson River Valley Vol. 37, No.1 2020
Rogers, Susan Fox Dawn Chorus: Reliving FDR’s Wartime Birding at Thompson Pond Vol. 37, No.1 2020