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Autumn '23 Issue of The Review


Autumn '23 Issue of The Review

Nov 10, 2023

detail of a painting by Susie Barstow

Why is one person, building, or book celebrated while another is neglected?


This question arises in every article in this issue. Susie Barstow was a successful painter and teacher whose art, as well as her travels, were celebrated by the press in her lifetime, but she and many of her female peers were left out of the exhibitions and histories resulting from the resurgence of the Hudson River School. In the 1930s and ‘40s, when the men, women, and children employed in America’s factories were granted protections by the law, those laboring in its fields were not. In fact, in New York State it took until 2022 — after compelling testimony delivered by farm workers — for them to receive the promise of a fair workweek. Many readers of this journal will recognize the names A.J. Downing, Calvert Vaux, and Frederick Clarke Withers. But what about George E. Harney? This architect continued Downing’s legacy in the mid-Hudson through the 1870s and even published a revised edition of his book, Cottage Residences. Sometimes, an omission is more easily explained. The steamship- and barge-canal adventure of Dutch pastor G.B. Bosch that appears here had never before been translated into English. Finally, Edith Wharton needs no introduction, but how many know that her first commercially successful book was a co-authored treatise on home design and interior decorating? Wharton’s home The Mount, just across the border in Massachusetts, is now a museum that celebrates all of her endeavors, including the design of its house and gardens. We hope these articles and book reviews continue to inspire you to learn more about The Hudson River Valley — and to wonder what other “forgotten” stories are out there to be rediscovered.



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Volume 40, Number 1, Autumn 2023


“As Beautiful as the Catskill Woods”: Women of the Hudson River School Paint the Hudson Valley
Nancy Siegel

“We Are Not Machines”: Worker Voice and the New York State Farm Laborers Wage Board
Joseph A. McCartin

Windridge, Bengenone, and Architect George E. Harney’s Early Career around Newburgh Bay, 1863–1873
Steven A. Baltsas

Notes and Documents

A Summer Voyage in North America: A Dutch Dominie Explores the Hudson Valley
Translated with an introduction by Marcel Dijkers

Regional History Forum

From Theory to Practice: Edith Wharton’s Creation of her Home The Mount
Heather Millman

Book Reviews

Bound by Bondage: Slavery and the Creation of a Northern Gentry
Nicole Saffold Maskiell, reviewed by Zachary Veith

Fort Ticonderoga, The Last Campaigns: The War in the North, 1777–1783
Mark Edward Lender, reviewed by James M. Johnson

Liberty’s Chain: Slavery, Abolition, and the Jay Family of New York
David N. Gellman, reviewed by Evan C. Rothera

Follies in America: A History of Garden and Park Architecture
Kerry Dean Carso, reviewed by Jenna Bennett


 Plus: New & Noteworthy Titles Received

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