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Detail of 1776 Major Holland Map

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Westchester County Westchester County

Westchester County


Towns & Villages of Westchester County 
The towns and villages of Westchester County each have their unique and often historic character - we have provided a listing with links to get you started on your explorations.

Cultural Resources
Westchester County has a wealth of Historic Sites and Parks to explore as well as Libraries and Museums.


Westchester County offers a wide variety of housing choices throughout its urban, suburban, and pastoral communities.

Westchester County is full of history, culture and beauty which makes it the ideal place for tourists to visit.

Here you'll find general ideas of the different conditions relative to business operations. Population breakdowns include gender, age, race, and ethnicity, which can be used to identify consumer markets in Westchester County.



Working in Westchester County

The Hudson Valley has one of the most diverse economies in the country. The range of industries includes high technology as well as agriculture, tourism, higher education, health services, finance, legal services, and business services. Ease of access to New York City provides opportunities at the higher end of the income scale.




New York State's Empire Zones (EZs) are designated areas throughout the State that offer special incentives to encourage economic development, business investment and job creation. Certified businesses located within a designated zone are eligible to receive significant tax credits and benefits. EZs are comprised of abundant vacant land, existing prime industrial and commercial buildings, skilled workers and ample power and water resources.

Empire Zones are located throughout the ten-county Hudson River Valley Region.

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