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Student Works Student Works

In addition to our undergraduate internship program, the Hudson River Valley Institute benefits from the work of students in Marist College's Hudson Valley History Course. We are proud to present the student work below as introductory or supplemental material for anyone investigating these topics. Each project contains the names of the students who produced them, as well as references for the information and any images used. Many of the projects also include lesson plans which are oriented around a field trip to the site associated with each topic.

Student Works by Topic

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American Revolution in the Hudson River Valley

Art and Literature in the Hudson Valley

Between the Bridges

  • FDR (Mid-Hudson) to George Clinton (Kingston-Rhinecliff), Class Project (PDF)
  • FDR (Mid-Hudson) to Hamilton Fish (Newburgh-Beacon), Class Project (PDF)
  • George Clinton (Kingston-Rhinecliff) to Rip Van Winkle, Class Project (PDF)
  • Hamilton Fish (Newburgh-Beacon) to Bear Mountain, Class Project (PDF)
  • Tappan Zee Bridge to Bear Mountain, Class Project (PDF)

Cities and Towns

  • Beacon, edited by Kaitlin Murphy (PPT)
  • Cold Spring, Class Project (PPT) (Essay)
  • Fishkill History, Class Project (PPT) (Essay)
  • Newburgh, Class Project (PPT)
  • Peekskill, Class Project (PPT)
  • Poughkeepsie, Class Project (PPT) (Essay)
  • Racial Tensions in and around Woodcliff Pleasure Park (Poughkeepsie), Dan McHale (PDF)
  • The Troy Trojans: A Forgotten Part of New York’s Pastime, Jack Fenty (PDF)
  • Wappingers, Class Project (PPT)
  • White Plains, Class Project (PPT) (Essay)

Corridor of Commerce: Industry in the Hudson River Valley

Counties of the Hudson River Valley


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites (PPT) (Doc)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites (PPT) (Doc)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites (PPT) (Doc)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites 2, Class Project (PDF)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites (PPT) (Doc)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • The Unique Foundation and Growth of Rensselaer County, Frank DelBene & Kaitlyn Walsh (PPT) (PDF)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites (PPT)
  • Camp Shanks, Ben Smith (PDF)


  • Recreational Sites, Class Project (PDF)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)
  • Recreational Sites, Class Project (PDF)
  • The Shawangunks of Ulster County, Class Project (PDF)


  • Historical Sites (PPT) (Doc)

Environmental Issues in the Hudson River Valley

Hiking the Hudson River Valley

  • Dutchess County Hiking, Class Project (PPT) (Essay)
  • Orange County Hiking, Class Project (PPT) (Essay)
  • Putnam County Hiking, Class Project (PPT)
  • Rensselaer County Hiking, Class Project (PPT) (Essay)

Industrial Revolution in the Hudson River Valley


Native Americans in the Hudson River Valley

Slavery in the Hudson River Valley

Student Lesson Plans

The 1960s and the Woodstock Music & Art Fair

The Civil War

The Dutch in New York

The Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial

Transportation in the Hudson River Valley

War of 1812