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Hudson River Valley Hall of Fame Hudson River Valley Hall of Fame

The materials that we have included here all help to tell the story of the Hudson River and the Valley around it. These resources have been made available with the help of our interns, and made possible in part through the contributions of the D. J. McManus Foundation, Inc.

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Agnes Hart by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Albert Bierstadt by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Arnold Blanch by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Asher B. Durand by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Austin Mecklem by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Bolton Brown by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Bradley Walker Tomlin by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Charles Rosen by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Eugine Gershoy by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Frederick E. Church by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

George Inness by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Georgina Klitgaard by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Gerald Foster by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Hannah Small by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Harry Gottilieb by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Henry Billings by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

John B. Flannagan by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Konrad Cramer by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Lee Miller by Mary Kaltreider (PDF)

Lucile Blanch by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Olin Dows by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Phillip Guston by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Raoul Hague by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Samuel B. Morse by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Thomas Cole by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)

Thomas Doughty by Julia D'Angelo (PDF)


Alexander Cartwright by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Andrew Ross by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Benjamin Altman  by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Cornelius Vanderbilt by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Daniel Drew by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

David Karp by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Edwin Binney (PDF)

Erastus Corning the Second by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Ezra Hasbrouck Fitch, by Demitria Bass

Jay Gould by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

John Augustine by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

John Butterfield by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

John Jacob Astor by Andrew Mikolajczyk (PDF)

Justin Kalifowitz by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Linus Yale Jr. by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Mary Alexander by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Matthew Vassar by Thomas Williams (PDF)

Ralph Gallagher by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Robert R. Livingston (PDF)

Russell Sage by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Thomas Adams Jr. by Jenn Delisle (PDF)

Will Vanderbilt by Jenn DeLisle (PDF)

Environmental Figures

Famous Women

Landscape Architecture

Media Figures

Military Figures

Alfred Thayer Mahan, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Daniel Ninham, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Darius Nash Couch, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

De Witt Clinton, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

George Clinton, by Jackson Rockefeller (PDF)

Goose Schaick, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

James Clinton, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

John Lorimer Worden, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Joseph Brant, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Joseph Cook, by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Leslie Richard Groves, Jr., by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Lewis (Deerfoot) Bennett (PDF)

Military Figures Paper, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Nathaniel Woodhull, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Peter Gansevoort, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Philip John Schuyler, by Katie Garrison (PDF)

Sagoyawetha (Red Jacket), by Elizabeth Wasserman (PDF)

Samuel "Uncle Sam" Wilson, by John Fernandez (PDF)

Sybil Ludington, by Katie Garrison (PDF)



Sports Figures