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The Johnson Student Research Fund


The Johnson Student Research Fund

Apr 13, 2022

photo of Jim and Lois Johnson at a formal event

Announcing The Dr. James M. and Lois S. Johnson

Student Research Fund

of the Hudson River Valley Institute

HRVI has established a new endowed fund to provide resources for student interns to undertake more in-depth projects and more impactful experiences. The fund honors HRVI founding Executive Director James M. Johnson and his wife Lois, both of whom are lifelong educators and strong advocates of experiential learning.

As an endowed fund, the Johnson Student Research Fund offers supporters the opportunity to contribute to student success at Marist College in a way that will live in perpetuity and make a meaningful impact for students well into the future. The fund will allow students from a variety of economic backgrounds to have equal access to the enrichment potential that comes from a fully realized internship experience with HRVI.

Many of HRVI’s intern alums cite their internship experiences as being a transformative time in their development from undergraduate students to job candidates and professionals. Often, the publication credit and portfolio materials that come from an HRVI internship become a focal point of graduate school admittance and job interviews. Additionally, working with the HRVI staff is the first time many Marist students put their classroom education to use in a professional setting, producing materials that are utilized to promote various dimensions of Hudson River Valley history or published in a variety of potential formats.

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