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Aaron June, Marist ‘21 Close up photo of Aaron wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and a striped blue tie. His hair and beard is black, but his bangs are bleached blond. He is smiling.

Aaron majored in History and business administration with an accounting minor.

What has your career path been to this point?

I am in graduate school at the University of Albany studying to get my Masters in education

Can you share an experience/memory from your time at HRVI that stands out as meaningful?

While doing research on Washington Irving I was able to go to his personal archives in Tarrytown thanks to the connections at the Hudson River Valley Institute.

How has your experience at HRVI helped you advance your education or professional pursuits since graduating from Marist?

It has not helped that much so far: I just graduated.

As HRVI celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, do you have any advice for future HRVI interns based on your time at HRVI and your experience in your professional field?

Don’t let a pandemic stop you from doing in-person research!