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Volume 20, Number 1, Spring 2004

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Split Wide and Split Deep—The Revolutionary Hudson Valley, Edward Countryman

The American Revolution in the Hudson River Valley—An Overview, Thomas S. Wermuth & James M. Johnson

Interpreting the Battle for the Hudson River Valley: The Battle of Fort Montgomery, Gregory Smith & James M. Johnson

A Suspected Loyalist in the Rural Hudson Valley: The Revolutionary War Experience of Roeloff Josiah Eltinge, Kenneth Shefsiek

Saratoga, Philadelphia, and the Collapse of Britain’s Grand Strategy, Barnet Schecter

"The Women! in this place have risen in a mob": Women Rioters and the American Revolution in the Hudson River Valley, Thomas S. Wermuth

Regional History Forum

Mount Gulian Historic Site, Beacon, Amy Mathason

Commemorating the Revolution in Pawling Through the Years