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Volume 21, Number 2, Spring 2005

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• "The Hudson River Valley’s Influence on Engineering Education in the United States," Bruce Keith & James Forest

• "Dennis Hart Mahan and the Early Development of Engineering Education," Col. Kip P. Nygren

• "Three Officers and a Lady: The Hudson Highlands and Georgia During the Revolution," Edward J. Cashin

• "A Mountain With an Unusual Name," Warren F. Broderick

• "From Protestant International to Hudson Valley Provincial: A Case Study of Language Use and Ethnicity in New Paltz, 1678-1834," Eric J. Roth

• "A Tree and Its Neighbors: Creating Community Open Space," Harvey K. Flad & Craig M. Dalton

• "Sarah Jay’s Invitations to Dinner/Supper, 1787-1788," Louise V. North

Regional History Forum

• "Traveling Along the 1825/1828 D&H Canal Towpath," Louis V. Mills

• "John Paulding and the Ten Seconds That Saved the Revolution," John Evangelist Walsh