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Volume 22, Number 1, Autumn 2005

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The Sons of Friends and Neighbors: Orange County’s 56th and 124th Regiments of New York Volunteer Infantry, Michael McAffee

The New Paltz Times Reports the Civil War: Sergeant Rooster Ackert in Cajun Country, Laurence Hauptman

“But alas! our Country calls": The Formation of the 124th New York State Volunteers, July 1–September 6, 1862, Charles LaRocca

“I owe you this for Appomattox": U.S. Grant’s Mystery Visitor at Mount McGregor, Warren F. Broderick

“Awful beyond description”: The Ordeal of the Hudson Valley Regiments in the Army of the Potomac in 1863, Mark James Morreale

"Rebel Oppression of British Subjects: statement of a deserter," reprint of a historical article in the Senate House S.H.S. archives

Regional History Forum

“I’m Now in Rebeldom": New Paltz Soldiers in the Civil War, Neil Bhatiya

The Senate House State Historic Site, Christopher Pryslopski

Preserving an Icon of Prosperity: The Story of the West Point Foundry’s 1865 Office Building, Patrick Martin, Elizabeth Norris, Rita Shaheen, Stephen Tilly, and Elizabeth Martin

Book Review

The Empire State: A History of New York, edited by Milton M. Klein, reviewed by Susan Ingalls Lewis