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Volume 22, Number 2, Spring 2006

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• "A Dutch View of the Hudson River Valley: The Travel Accounts of Martinus Cohen Stuart, 1873-1874," Huib Leeuwenberg and Ronald Patkus

• "The Environmental is Political: The Story of the Ill-Fated Hudson River Expressway, 1965-1970," Robert Lifset

• "Famine Relief From an Ancient Dutch City," Harvey Strum

• "The Pro-Leislerian Farmers in Early New York: A 'Mad Rabble' or 'Gentlemen Standing Up for Their Rights?'," Firth Haring Fabend

• "The Incorporated Villages of the Hudson River Region," Edward T. Howe

• "The Story of Black Rock: How An Early Sustainable Forest Spawned the American Environmental Movement and Gave Birth to a Unique Consortium that Links Science, Conservation, and Education," Nicole A. Buzzetto-More

Regional History Forum

• "The New Netherland Museum and the replica ship The Half Moon," Christopher Pryslopski