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Volume 23, Number 2, Spring 2007

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Toward a More Inclusive History of Early American Women: The Example of Married Women in New Netherland and New York in the Seventeenth Century, Michael Gherke

The Republic May Wear a Crown of True Greatness; The 1895 New York State Woman Suffrage Association Convention, Shannon M. Risk

Pursuing Municipal Reform in Poughkeepsie: From Lucy Salmon to the Women’s City and County Club, Clyde Griffen

Banking in Early America; The Mid-Hudson Valley, The Banks of Newburgh, Lucien Mott

Regional History Forum

Mastering the Hudson: a study of Thomas Cole and his lasting impression on the Hudson River Valley; (Thomas Cole’s Cedar Grove), Jessica Friedlander

Clermont State Historic Site’s Steamboat Bicentennial Exhibit, Maria Zandri

The Great Hudson River Paddle, Theresa Keegan

Book Reviews

Denning’s Point: A Hudson River History, by Jim Heron, reviewed by David Schuyler

Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth: A Casebook, edited by Carol J. Singley, reviewed by Joshua Kotzin

Citizens or Papists: The Politics of Anti-Catholicism in New York, 1685-1821, by Jason K. Duncan, reviewed by Sally Dwyer-McNulty

New York’s Historic Armories; An Illustrated History, by Nancy l. Todd, reviewed by Jason Schaaf