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Volume 25, Number 1, Autumn 2008

(Click Here for Full PDF) cover of Autumn 2008 issue with painting of a man sitting at a desk

John Burroughs in the Hudson River Valley: An Introduction, Stephen M. Mercier

John Burroughs—Regionalist (and Modernist?): A Meditation on Influence and Confluences, H. R. Stoneback

John Burroughs’ Writing Retreats, James Perrin Warren

Our River: The Essay Art of John Burroughs, Jeff Walker

John Burroughs and the Hudson River Valley in Environmental History, Stephen M. Mercier

America’s First Artists and Writers: The Sacred River of Thomas Cole, the Mythic River of Washington Irving and James Fenimore Cooper, Frances F. Dunwell

Regional History Forum

Hudson River Almanac, Tom Lake

Regional Writing

Poem: Trout Rising Into Sunlight, Matthew Nickel

Book Reviews

Firth Haring Fabend: Land So Fair, reviewed by Tommy Zurhellen

Harold Harris: Yama Farms: A Most Unusual Catskill Resort, reviewed by Vernon Benjamin