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Volume 26, Number 1, Autumn 2009 Autumn 2009 issue with a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt on the cover

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Eleanor Roosevelt in the Hudson River Valley

Introduction to special issue; JoAnne Myers

Memories and Lessons from Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Kitchen Cabinet,” 1931-1970; Susan P. Curnan

Val-Kill Industries: A History; Frank Futral

Arthurdale: First New Deal Planned Community; Marilee Hall

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Education: Examining the Issues and Vital Voices for Women and Girls Through Comparative Educational Biography; Thalia M. Mulvihill

Bringing Human Rights Home: An Open Memo to President-elect Obama; Submitted by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, and the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University

Saving History Symposia

Preface; JoAnne Myers

Val-Kill Photo Essay w/quotes from founders

Linda Boyd Kavars and Lorena Hickok

The (Unpublished) Autobiography of Lorena Hickok (excerpted); from the Archives of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library

Regional History Forum

Val-Kill; Lindsay Moreau

Book Reviews

Women’s Global Health and Human Rights by Padmini Murthy and Clyde Landford Smith, reviewed by Jerusa Ali

The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers: Volume 1: The Human Rights Years, 1945-1948 by Allida Black, reviewed by Jerusa Ali

A Volume of Friendship, The Letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Isabella Greenway,1904-1953 by Kristie Miller and Robert H. McGinnis, reviewed by Sally Dwyer-McNulty

Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way: Timeless Strategies from the First Lady of Courage by Robin Gerber, reviewed by Lindsay Moreau

Refugees and Rescue: The Diaries and Papers of James G. McDonald, 1933-1945, by Richard Breitman, reviewed by David B. Woolner

Main Street to Mainframes by Harvey K. Flad and Clyde Griffen, reviewed by David Schuyler