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Volume 30, Number 1, Autumn 2013

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The American Revolution Remembered in the Hudson River Valley, David Schuyler

“The Unfortunate Major André”: Washington Irving’s Original Ichabod Crane, Terry W. Thompson

The Tontine Coffee House and the Corporate Culture of the D&H Canal, Stephen Skye

Notes & Documents

“Henry Kneeland One of Bergoines Troops & Defected from Winterhill,”  Michael S. McGurty

Regional History Forum

“Care Enough to Take Some Action”: Storm King, Scenic Hudson, and the Local Citizens who Saved a Mountain and Started a Movement, 1963-2013, Alex Patrick Gobright

Madam Brett: Her Legacy and Her Homestead, Marygrace Navarra

A Brief Photo History of Group Camping and Nature Study in Palisades Interstate Park, Edwin McGowan

Teaching the Hudson River Valley

Teaching New York State History, adapted panel conversation charied by Susan Ingalls Lewis, with Lauren Kozakiewicz, Jocelyn Wills, Jane Ladouceur

Regional Writing

Magicicada 2013, Judith Saunders

Book Reviews

Memories of War: Visiting Battlegrounds and Bonefields in the Early American Republic, by Thomas A. Chambers, reviewed by Thomas A. Rider II

No Votes for Women: The New York Anti-Suffrage Movement, by Susan Goodier, reviewed by L.C. Santangelo

New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Religious Liberty, by Evan Hafaeli, reviewed by Richard Pointer

The Cultured Canvas; New Perspectives on American Landscape Painting, by Nancy Siegel, reviewed by Kerry Dean Carso