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Volume 40, Number 1, Autumn 2023 journal cover with painting of pine trees on the edge of a cliff, there is a valley and river in the far background

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“As Beautiful as the Catskill Woods”: Women of the Hudson River School  Paint the Hudson Valley, Nancy Siegel

“We Are Not Machines”: Worker Voice and the New York State Farm Laborers Wage Board, Joseph A . McCartin

Windridge, Bengenone, and Architect George E. Harney’s Early Career around  Newburgh Bay, 1863–1873, Steven A . Baltsas

Notes and Documents

A Summer Voyage in North America: A Dutch Dominie Explores the Hudson Valley, translated with an introduction by Marcel Dijkers

Regional History Forum

From Theory to Practice: Edith Wharton’s Creation of her Home The Mount, Heather Millman

Book Reviews

Bound by Bondage: Slavery and the Creation of a Northern Gentry, by Nicole Saffold Maskiell, reviewed by Zachary Veith

Fort Ticonderoga, The Last Campaigns: The War in the North, 1777–1783, by Mark Edward Lender, reviewed by James M . Johnson

Liberty’s Chain: Slavery, Abolition, and the Jay Family of New York, by David N . Gellman, reviewed by Evan C . Rothera

Follies in America: A History of Garden and Park Architecture,  by Kerry Dean Carso, reviewed by Jenna Bennett

New & Noteworthy Books