Erie Canal Lock 2 Erie Canal Lock 2

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1 Tugboat Alley

Waterford, NY 12188

Hours: Call for hours.

Notes: Village of Waterford (518) 235-9898

          Town of Waterford (518) 235-8184

Phone: (518) 233-9123


Historical Description:

"The sleepy community formed by the Town and Village of Waterford, New York, represents a throwback to an era gone by. While the history of water-borne commerce here predates the earliest of New York’s canals, heavy maritime traffic was not seen until the nineteenth century. Since the inception of the original canal system in the early 1800s, Waterfordians have been accustomed to the sight of bargemen plying through their backyards."


The Site:

"Just north of Albany, the moody Mohawk River cascades urgently down the Cohoes Falls into the waters of the mighty Hudson. At this ancient convergence - a joining of the most natural of New York’s transportation arteries - one finds also a crossroads of a man-made sort. The Champlain and Erie Canals meet here at Waterford, the gateway to New York State’s Barge Canal System."



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