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Fort Constitution


Hours: Open: June to October - Wednesday and Thursdays Tour Hour is 1 PM – 2 PM Phone: (845) 446-8676


Historical Description:

From 1775 to 1777, American troops were stationed on Constitution Island before being forced to flee from British soldiers advancing up the Hudson River. From 1778 until the end of the war, troops were stationed here to protect this strategically important bend. As an obvious strategic point of defense, construction on the fort began on the island in 1775. The fort was named Fort Constitution for the English unwritten constitution as Americans sought their rights as Englishmen. A chain was stretched across the Hudson from West Point to Fort Constitution to hinder the passage of British ships. American soldiers were garrisoned on Constitution Island until December 20, 1783, when Congress disbanded them.


The Site:

Located on the east side of the Hudson River, across from the United States Military Academy is

Martelaer's Rock with the Warner House and the ruins of Romans Battery and Redoubts 5, 6 and 7.



Reservations are required from the Constitution Island Association. Tours depart from the West Point South Dock.


Research Patron: John Wort