John Burroughs Sanctuary and Slabsides John Burroughs Sanctuary and Slabsides

John Burroughs Sanctuary and Slabsides   
John Burroughs Dr. 
West Park, NY 12493
Phone:  (845)-384-6320

Hours: John Burroughs Sanctuary is open all year round, Dawn to Dusk.

Notes: On the third Saturday in May and the first Saturday in October is known as Slabsides Day where talks are held at the cabin and nature walks are given. 


Historical Description:

The John Burroughs Sanctuary was from 1873 until 1921 the source of nature inspiration for the famous writer. John Burroughs was the creator of modern nature essay and was one of the most popular writers of his day. His cabin was built in 1895 and it was a place for him to write and entertain friends. Because of his brilliantly written words on nature, he drew in a great deal of visitors from all parts of the nation. Notable guests on the guest book in his cabin include former President Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford. 


The Site:

Today, Slabsides has remained preserved just the way that John Burroughs had it. It was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1968 and still has the original interior and exterior.  Slabesides Day occurs twice every year and this is chance for admirers of the writer to get a look at his life. Included are tours of the two story residence as well as nature walks. Lectures and discussions are given on John Burroughs focusing on his relationship with nature. 



Slabsides is located in West Park, New York, on the Hudson River eighty miles north of New York City, and ten miles south of Kingston. From Route 9-W at West Park, turn west onto Floyd Ackert Road (near the Post Office), cross the railroad tracks, and follow the Floyd Ackert Road about 1/2 mile to the foot of Burroughs Drive. Park here and walk up the hill to Slabsides.