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Spencer Hogan, Marist '20 Spencer, standing in a suit and tie beside a stone and brick building on the Marist College campus.

Majored in Economics and Business Administration with a concentration in Finance

What has your career path been to this point?

"I work as a Strategy and Consulting Analyst in the U.S. Federal practice at Accenture, a global management consulting firm. In this role, I support project management for Department of Defense clients and work on business development and growth efforts for our federal supply chain and operations division. I’m grateful that with this work, I have been able to fuse my undergraduate management studies with my prior work in the political sphere based in Washington, DC."

Can you share an experience/memory from your time at HRVI that stands out as meaningful?

"During one of the two summers I spent with the Institute, I had the privilege of working as Colonel Jim Johnson’s teaching assistant during the Summer Pre-College course he taught on the History and Culture of the Mid-Hudson. Though meant to be a day where I was just supporting a field trip for that group of high schoolers, our visit to West Point left a great mark on me. Hearing the stories of USMA through the lens of a leader and educator who embodies the long gray line with such pride, I’ll never forget."

How has your experience at HRVI helped you advance your education and/or professional pursuits since graduating from Marist?

"This is one of my favorite HRVI stories to tell: When I was interviewing for consulting and banking roles out of Marist, the go-to topic interviewers would jump at was never my previous experience in their industry or my relevant coursework. The popular question from my resume was: 'tell us about that history research you’ve published.' Put simply, my work with the Hudson River Valley Institute made me stand out, helping develop skills in primary source research, writing for an audience entirely outside my comfort zone, and even cultivating relationships with HRVI’s many kind supporters. These lessons have made a profound difference."

As HRVI celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, do you have any advice for future HRVI interns based on your time at HRVI and your experience in your professional field?

"Be bold. You have the resources and credibility of a phenomenal organization behind you. This isn’t a moment for “homework done the night before the due date” caliber work. Whether you intend to make a career out of history or not, take on projects with the Institute that will help define you (and teach you some great lessons along the way). Lastly: make sure to thank the great mentors and friends you’ll make at HRVI. They make all the difference."