The New Netherland Museum & Half Moon Visitor's Center The New Netherland Museum & Half Moon Visitor's Center


The New Netherland Museum & Half Moon Visitor's Center  
P.O. Box 10609  
Albany, NY 12201-5609
Phone: (518) 443-1609 or (518) 443-1609 

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Historical Description:                                                                            

The original Half Moon (Halve Maen) was commissioned on March 25, 1609, for the Dutch East India Company. Her captain, Henry Hudson, was already a famous explorer of Arctic waters when in 1608 he was hired by the Dutch East India Company to find a northeast, all-water route to Asia. What began as a search for a Northeast Passage became a transatlantic crossing to look for a Northwest Passage to the rich spice trade of China. After reaching the Maine coast the Half Moon sailed southward as far as the present day North Carolina Outer Banks. Then, turning northward, Hudson explored the Delaware Bay before arriving at the mouth of the Hudson River. Hudson sailed upriver to present-day Albany before returning down river, and claiming the region for the Dutch.              


The Site:                                                                                                  

The New Netherland Museum is a NEH- supported non-profit, educational society that operates and maintains a full scale replica of the Half Moon. The Half Moon itself is a full scale replica of the original Dutch ship with its interior designed as a interactive museum. Its mission is to educate the public about

17th century ways of life in New Netherland. The original boat was sailed by Henry Hudson for the Dutch East India Company in 1609 and was the first European boat to document and explore the Hudson River all the way up to the Erie Canal.             



1: Start out going NORTHEAST on EAGLE ST toward CORNING PL. 0.1 miles 

2: Turn RIGHT onto COLUMBIA ST. 0.1 miles 

3: Turn LEFT onto NY-32 / N PEARL ST. <0.1 miles

4: Take the I-787 ramp toward NEW YORK THRUWAY / TROY / US-9 S / Rensselaer. 0.1 miles 

5: Merge onto I-787 N via the ramp on the LEFT toward TROY. 0.8 miles 

6: Merge onto I-90 W via EXIT 5 toward BUFFALO (Portions toll). 3.3 miles 

7: Take the EVERETT RD exit- EXIT 5. 0.1 miles 

8: Turn RIGHT onto CR-155 / EVERETT RD EXT. 0.3 miles 

9: Turn RIGHT onto SAND CREEK RD. 0.1 miles 

10: Turn LEFT onto VAN RENSSELAER RD. <0.1 miles

11: VAN RENSSELAER RD becomes BOOTH LN. 0.1 miles 

12: Turn LEFT onto W ALBANY DR. <0.1 miles 

13: End at Albany, NY 12205-1416, US