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Congressman Maurice Hinchey reviews the troops at Washington's Headquarters for Patriots' Wekekend 2007

Photo Credit: HRVI

Patriot's Weekend Commemorations Patriot's Weekend Commemorations

New York State celebrated the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution from 2000 through 2009. The Hudson River Valley Institute focused on a significant historical event relating to the Revolutionary War in the Hudson Valley 225 years ago for each year through 2008 as a part of our Patriots’ Weekends. Re-enactments, public-oriented historical lectures by nationally known historians, and ceremonies honoring those who fought for America's independence were the Weekend's key features.

Patriot’s Weekend 2002 
From October 3rd to the 6th, we celebrated New York State in the American Revolution, the bicentennial of the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1802, and the 225th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Montgomery on October 6th, 1777.

Patriots' Weekend 2003 
September 19th through the 21st we will be celebrating the 225th Anniversary of General George Washington’s encampment of Fredricksburgh in 1778 near present day Pawling, Patterson, Putnam, and Southeast New York. The weekend will kick-off with a lecture here at Marist College before moving to General George Washington's encampment at Fredricksburgh in 1778, between present-day Pawling and Patterson, New York. Events will take place at the encampment as well as the John Kane House and the Quaker Meeting House.

Patriots' Weekend 2004 
July of 2004 will commemorate the 225th anniversary of two battles in 1779; Stony Point, on the Hudson River in Rockland County, and the Battle of Minisink, in Sullivan County. The weekend will begin with the Charlotte Cunneen-Hackett Lecture in Hudson River Valley History at Marist College and feature re-enactments at both of these battlegrounds.

Patriots' Weekend 2005 
In September of 1780, Major John Andre was captured in Tarrytown with proof of General Benedict Arnold’s betrayal. Andre was hanged at Tappan in October of the same year, less than a week after Arnold successfully defected to the British lines. We will begin with the Charlotte Cunneen-Hackett Lecture in Hudson River Valley History at Marist on Thursday, September 29th. There are lectures planned at the USMA West Point and the Tarrytown Music Hall for Friday, September 30th, and commemorative celebrations of these events will take place in both Westchester and Rockland Counties Saturday and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd.

Patriots' Weekend 2006 
The weekend will begin with the Charlotte Cunneen-Hackett Lecture in Hudson River Valley History at Marist College to be followed by events in Westchester and Rockland Counties to commemorate the march of the French Army under General Rochambeau to Philipsburgh, New York to join General Washington's Continental Army for the siege of New York City in July-August 1781. Both armies then marched south to win the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia.

Patriots' Weekend 2007 
Patriots' Weekend 2007 encompassed three weekends of events. The first commemoration occurred in April with General and Mrs. Washington arriving in Newburgh. Reenactors who marched the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route from Rhode Island to Virginia crossed the Hudson at Stony and Verplank Points on their way back in September, and the Continental Army established what would be its final encampment in New Windsor at the end of October.

Patriots' Weekend 2008 
There were three weekends of events in 2008, beginning with “Cease Fire – The War Ends, 1783” at the New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site in New Windsor, NY, followed by events on the river and in Tappan and Constitution Island in Cold Spring.